Visit my Etsy shop for custom made items to include jewelry, metaphysical tools, and crochet patterns.

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I believe we are all creators, and students! I have tutorials in a wide range of crafts.

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About Me

I am a stay at home mom, practitioner for years. I believe the planet is alive and we are all magical.

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Associated Facebook Groups

I have a few groups I am associated with that you may be interested in. Wanderer Like Us was created for readers & spiritualists wanting to establish themselves professionally/continuing to do so & hopefully yet another great place to find truth seeking information about our world and the universe, we’re here to discuss what’s really going on & potentially create our own little high vibe healing space, welcome, we hope you find a home with us.

Crochet Graph Of The Month is a group where I list a FREE graphghan ever month for members!

Tevys Creates Resin and Mixed Media is a work in progress, hopefully to add all my tutorials and work in progresses to.