Sigils – what they are, how to make them, how to use them

You have heard of sigils, but do you know what a sigil actually is? Interesting thing about sigils, you make them for YOU to use, for YOURSELF, for a specific purpose!

Maybe you have been on this great spiritual path for a while, you have been transformed.. you have gone through the stages of thinking you are crazy, of everything is not what you thought it was, and now you are sitting there wondering what do you do now?

You have taken a passive role in your transformations so far, you have let the universe guide you. Now you are ready to begin to create yourself. We are ALL creators! A sigil is a great way to get started to create and manifest your own reality. Take the power of the creator and begin to replace old habits with new ones, or transform a part of you that you know you need to work more on, anything you can think of sigils can help.  Sigils help you achieve goals, fulfill your deepest desires, and actualize your full potentials.

When you create a sigil, you are preparing yourself for change, you are reflecting, you are connecting with the divine deeply, you are focusing your intentions. It is a deep ritual much like other rituals we do, such as meditation. The end result is something visual that we have empowered through our own intentions, for us to reflect on every time we see it.

To give a basic analogy, it is like when people who desire to lose weight put up pictures of people who are at their weight goals on their mirrors, to serve as a reminder and give them motivation. It is very similar to that, but more powerful because you are not simply cutting out a picture and taping it to a mirror, you are creating out of thin air, creating something meaningful and something connected to divine energies.

 Sigil magic is a practice of creating an intention charged symbol to change your reality by incorporating self-reflection, creativity, and willpower to ritually manifest your desires. We are co-creators of our reality and have the power to make changes we desire as long as they align with our ultimate destiny and the will of life.

Sigils work by planting seeds in your unconscious mind. They are a tool to help your intentions manifest into reality. The symbolic nature of the sigil helps bypass the rational mind and enters the unconscious where possibilities are endless. Sigils are made with what some people call chaos magic. It involves creativity, but then letting go and forgetting about its initial desire. This may sound odd, but what it does is bypasses the Ego, that little guy inside of us that keeps us down so much. Crazy right? Not really, by bypassing Ego it enables your intentions to burrow down deeply into your unconsciousness. Cool huh?

Another great aspect of this type of casting intentions is that we are releasing our intentions in order to acknowledge and honor the wisdom of life. Whatever will be will be. It is ultimately up to the divine intelligence of Life to fulfill.  This is because sometimes we want something very badly, but it is not something we are supposed to have, for whatever cosmic reason the universe knows that it is not good for us. It’s one of those things that if you try too hard and force it, and it still doesn’t work, it probably is for the best! Accept the answer and move on knowing that you must be dodging a terrible thing that you cannot see. Life if funny that way. Our intentions have to be pure. Not lustful or greedy.

A CAUTIONARY NOTE: Do not use Sigils or anything else to try to manipulate the free will of another person. This is very bad juju and will only come back to you in a karmatic way. It is something you do NOT want to mess with, use all your intentions for things love and light, please! Always focus on yourself, your life, do not mess around with others lives.


There are many ways to make a sigil, after all, it is made by YOU for YOU and everyone’s ‘magic’ is different. But here, I will outline a simple way. And you can take it to any level you wish, with your own twists. It is your creation. Note: Some people will use a sigil someone else created. While this is okay to do, it defeats a lot of the raw magic that sigils stand for. I highly recommend making your own. They do not need to look fabulous.

FIRST: Assess your motivations – Do not make a sigil because you are lazy, like hey I am tired of cleaning my house so I would like a maid. No, that is no good (LOL). Your motivations should be about you, and improving your life in a way that lets you grow in a positive manner. You still have to do the work, it won’t do all the work for you, it is a tool.  And it will help you a lot, but it is not responsible for making outer changes. That is your job. The Sigil will create inner changes.

1- WRITE DOWN YOUR INTENTION – Be specific. Something like ‘more confidence at work’, or ‘Maturity around my parents’. Keep it simple but to the point. Use one intention per sigil, do not try to cram a bunch of intentions into one or it will get muddled.  Pick a useful intention. Like you don’t want to say ‘become a millionaire’ if you have no intention of working hard or putting in the effort. It needs to be something you have about a 50/50 chance on.   Make sure you phrase it in a positive manner with no negative words, this way your subconscious mind will understand it better. Like instead of using ‘I will not feel anxious around people’ say ‘I feel calm and empowered around others’. Pick the positive words.

2- CROSS OUT LETTERS – Once you have your intention sentence you begin to cross out all the vowels and repeated letters. For an example, I am going to make one for “Have patience with my sister”.  This is not something I actually need, but I will do this as an example because going back and looking at the sigil (since I wrote this article and may look back on it) will affect the outcome. First I will cross out all the vowels so we have: hvptncwthmsstr (w’s and y’s are your choice, whatever feels right for you!).

Now cross out any repeating letters. So I will be left with: hvptncwmsr


First pass through

This is the fun part, you take these letters (you can use them all caps if you like) and you arrange them any way you like to make a symbol. If you don’t like what you came up with, keep trying until you create something that speaks to you. You can turn letters on their side, upside down, whatever you want, whatever you feel to do. Do not get frustrated with this part, just let your mind go and put it together like a puzzle, look at how each letter looks and move it around until you have something that is pleasing to you. This part is your meditating while your doing part, your mind is thinking but you are beginning to forget with your conscious mind and pushing it back to your subconscious. You can merge letters together, make some big some small, whatever you like. You are the creator! Here is what I came up with:

Get as fancy or simple as you like! Add extra lines or dots or squiggles.

4- ACTIVATING THE SIGIL – To activate the sigil, you must infuse it with energy and propel it into your unconscious mind.  The way you do this will be very individual per person, like I said before, we all have our own ways of magic.  It can involve dance, chanting, meditation, visualization, charging with crystals, emotions, etc. We will keep it simple here just to show you a basic way. The goal is to focus on it, get a heighten peak of focus or emotion, then forget about it and not dwell on it any longer. You are putting your energy for your intention into the sigil at this point, then you are letting it all go. This is the odd thing about manifestation, you have to put your desires back and not dwell on them, because the more you do, the less likely you are going to get what you desire. You have to be living in the now and loving everything you have, be thankful and grateful. Only then will your desires be attracted to you. It sounds nuts but this is the basics. The more you learn, the more you will see this is the way. Creating a sigil is a tool to help you learn this.

We are going to focus on the sigil then burn it, so make sure you have a lighter and a bowl safe to burn something in. You can also rip it apart and drop the pieces into water if you like. The key is to destroy it to forget about it.

What we are going to do:

                Step 1 – find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed so you can focus.

                Step 2 – Ground yourself, close your eyes, meditate a bit until you feel open and relaxed and able to focus.

                Step 3 – When you are ready, pick up the paper your sigil is on. Stare at it for a bit, gaze at it until your vision is dreamy, reflect on its significance.

                Step 4 – Burn your sigil (or tear it and drop into water) and visualize. As you watch the paper burn, stare into the flames and imagine the flames creating an opening to your unconscious mind. Allow your mind to become completely empty and open as you become consumed with watching your sigil burn. Once it has gone to ash imagine the opening in your mind closing and returning you back to normal.

                Step 5 –  Forget and release – Now the work is done, and your only job is to forget and release, to let the universe have your sigil to do with it as it will. Don’t obsess over it or attach yourself to it.  The magic is in controlling your feelings and thoughts, you have done this ritual to let the universe know your intentions, now you are going to let it go. It is now out of your hands and you are totally fine with that. You have faith. The Universe will take over and do its thing. Leave it alone and let it sprout! 

That’s it!

If you are going to try out some Sigil magic, try keeping a sigil journal to check back on progress. You don’t want to look at your sigils but if you would like to keep a reference once everything has played out, you can take a post it note or envelop, draw the sigil and fold the post it note so you cant see it just flipping through your journal, or seal your envelope. In the journal write the date, and your intentions. Set an alarm for about three months then look to see what has happened with that so far, and write down your results. Some things may take longer than others so if you need to keep going back do it and keep notes. This way you can really see how it works. You don’t have to keep a journal if you don’t want to, but it is a good way to learn and see how you have evolved over time.  You can learn a lot from yourself.

ANOTHER NOTE – Some people do not destroy their sigils. I think in some cases this can be good, but for the most part we all as humans need to learn how to let go. We create and let go. However, let’s say you have one for prosperity, you might want to keep it tucked away in your wallet. However, it needs to be there in a way where you do not see it. You still forget about it. Maybe you have one that protects your house, you put it on top of your doorway, where you cannot see it at eye level. It is a hidden device; one you do not dwell on but that just works without you. It is an option, but I feel like for learning about sigils it is best to destroy it so you get use to using the sigils how they are supposed to be used, that is not to be dwelled on or seen again.


Another good use for sigils is using them with pillar candles. Pick a candle that is colored pertaining to what you are working on. Example: Red – love, blue – healing, etc. Create your sigil, then carve it into the candle. Prepare your casting area however you prepare it (cleansing, saging, etc) and start to focus on your intention. Light the candle and let it burn completely while you meditate on the candle and your intention.

If you have a large pillar and dont want to use it all, carve the sigil towards the top then carve a light line under it. Do the spell until the candle burns to the line then blow out the candle, and you can use the candle again for something else later.

You can go very simple with this or be as aesthetic as you like.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Blessings!

Ritual Black Salt – What is it for and how to make it

What is Black Salt used for?
Black salt can be used in spells just like regular salt, but it has a bit more of a punch to it. Use it in defense, to protect your area from evils and negativities.  It can be used as a barrier of protection. 

For rituals, use in the ritual (depending on what you are doing) or as protection during the ritual. Can also be used to draw sigils, it is a purifying substance.

For yourself, if you are in a bad mood, hold a bit of black salt and will your mood into it. Tell it to take it away, then dispose of it in the trash, bury it outside, or flush it down the toilet. I have used this as a way to help with nightmares, sleep with it next to your bed or under your pillow (in a vial, this stuff can stain and get everywhere!). I have noticed a huge difference in my thought process when I am falling asleep. Normally my mind goes wild and it takes forever to calm it down, and it likes to go to dark places which seems to carry over into dreams. With the salt near this didn’t happen.

For home, in windowsills, around doorways, and if you make a large enough batch and really need protection run around your house and make a huge barrier! Be wary though, salt can do a number on plant life and some wild life. (think of the snails!), and it is also messy, the black soot can get everywhere. Put it in satchels or vials if need be. If you are having a visitor that you don’t particular enjoy, have some of this sitting out somewhere. It will help protect and absorb whatever that energy vampire tries to dish out! The salt loves soaking up bad moods <3

For out and about, it is great for keeping that toxic coworker from spreading their negativity all over you. The salt absorbs that stuff, and once you feel like it is spent up you just toss it.

This is a great item to make a large batch of and keep it around for when the need arises.

Magical Properties of the Ingredients:
This is my own recipe, but you can find lots of different variations online. Go with what resonates with you.

Kosher Salt – I like the idea of Kosher Salt because it has been blessed by a Rabi. So it is kinda similar to holy water. It is one of the most coveted, sacred, minerals on Earth. You can also use any other type of salt you wish to use.  Protection, Cleansing, Abundance

Activated Charcoal or regular charcoal – Protecting, Banishing, Cleansing, Purifying, Healing. Activated charcoal you can find in pill form at a pharmacy usually. If you are going to make a large batch, I would recommend buying a bag of natural charcoal with no additives. It’s cheaper and will last a long time.

Those two are the main ingredients, you can make black salt with just those items. However, I like to add a bit more to it. Here is what I add:

Egg Shells – Protection, Cleansing

Ashes from incense and/or sage stick – Pretty much puts in the salt what you are using these items for.

Cloves – Banishing evil, Clear energies, Purification, Positivity

Cinnamon Essential Oil – Healing, Protection, Love, Power

Those last two are great additives, but they also make the salt smell AMAZING! 😀 I love stuff that smells awesome <3

When To Make Black Salt

You can make Black Salt any time you wish, but I would prefer to make it during a New Moon or a Dark Moon.  Prepare the salt that day and leave it out under the moon in a jar to charge it up. The New/Dark moon helps charge its protective properties.

How To Make Black Salt

Prepare your space however you like to prep, by cleansing your utensils, smudging the area, whatever it is you like to do to have a clean working space.

Take all the ingredients listed above EXCEPT the salt, and put it in a mortar. Grind it all up into a powder. Add the salt and stir it up with a spoon. Do not grind the salt up. As you are adding and grinding up everything think about what the salt is for, so you seal it up with your energies/intentions.

Store it in a jar.

How To Dispose Of Black Salt Once It Is Used

Once you have used the salt for whatever purpose it is used for, gather it up by sweeping (or if it is in a vial just dump it) and throw it in the trash. The goal is to get the energies it is holding away from you. So take out the trash as soon as possible. If you are doing work to rid something very nasty, I highly suggest taking the salt and getting it away from you as far as possible, then dump it in a river, or out in the woods somewhere.   You can also bury it in your back yard. The key is getting it away from you. You can even dump it in the toilet and flush it if you like.

I believe this is true with any items you use in a metaphysical sense. If you buy culinary black salt to use like this, you are most likely buying a product that is mass produced and not touched or worked with by human hands. And if it is made with human hands, it could be people who are pretty miserable and would rather not be there. The magic comes from the Earth and US! We are the magical beings! So please, make sure your salt is created by a human, preferably someone you know, or yourself! But if you do not have time to craft such items yourself, go to Etsy and find someone who has crafted it. I offer vials of Black Salt on my own Etsy site if you choose to purchase it from a crafter. <3

Link to this item on Etsy